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We are a team of self proclaimed geeks obsessed with the newest trends in technology. This obsession drives us to to be the best in our trade. Our shop does not start and stop at mobile device repairs and cool cases, we go into the far depths of geekery. We are talking about video games, reviews on the newest apps, technology blogs, and gadget reviews. We are not in business just to make a quick dollar from your phone or computer repairs. We are creating a geekery hub full of resources. Ask us questions on how to optimize the usage of your current devices. Come hang out and play some games. Come debate us on the user experience of android vs iphones.

We are a place to learn about the ever-changing world of technology from a technician’s point of view. When you come see us we can tell you what phone is best for your lifestyle or let you try out the newest videos games of the season right on our own consoles. When you work with a dedicated team like ours you are guaranteed to receive completed services and products that not only meet, but rises far above your own expectations. It does not matter if you come in for a quick mobile device repair or to debate our team of geeks on what the best new iphone app is, you can be sure that your experience will be well worth the visit.

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Review of the Fit Bit Charge

Review of the Fit Bit Charge

Jan 24 2015

vi. It goes beyond tracking your steps by asking you to set a specific goal and buzzing at you (which makes me…

Do Not Call Registry, Robo-callers and the FTC

Do Not Call Registry, Robo-callers and the FTC

Jan 17 2015

It is rare today for many people to have home phones. Most of us have given up the idea that a land…

Important Highlights In The History Of Mobile Technology

Important Highlights In The History Of Mobile Technology

Jan 13 2015

If you’re like most people, you consider your mobile phone a very important part of your life. Cell phones are so intertwined…

Why Is My Cell Phone Bill So High?

Why Is My Cell Phone Bill So High?

Jan 07 2015

Everyone wants to know how much their neighbor is paying for their cell phone plan every month—am I paying too much? Is…



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