2015 Tech Gadgets: A Look At What’s Ahead

December 13, 2014
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2015 Tech GadgetsEach year technology continually improves; it wasn’t all that long ago we were using black and white flip phones with a calculator as one of its coolest features. Or do you remember when looking a website up on your phone took so long it wasn’t even worth it?

Even the latest cell phone technology seems like it could be improved in many ways, and it could! Big companies like Apple and Samsung are constantly acquiring patents, feverishly cooking up the next big changes in technology.

So what will the new tech gadgets in 2015 look like–should you be excited, or plan to keep your same old phone? Here we provide answers, taking a peek at the latest up and coming technology with the power to change the future, in 2015 and beyond.

3D Printing Technology

3D printer technology is HUGE. In a sense it takes away the need for a human assembly line, it can print out virtually any full-size, 3D product of your imagination. 3D printers are already being used to make toys, prosthetic limbs, cell phone cases, and just about anything with the press of a button.

It is predicted that twice as many 3D printers will be sold in 2015 compared with 2014. Even if you don’t run out and buy your own 3D printer to keep in your home office, this advancement in technology will likely still impact your life in some way.

As more companies and designers get their hands on 3D technology, who knows what we will have access to. In January of 2014 the very first multi-material, full-color 3D printers were released by Stratasys, the printer was listed for just under $250,000. In 2015 the cost of 3D printers is expected to decrease, granting more people access to the technology.

Just think, if 3D printers become everyday household items, you will have the power to print as many different cell phone cases as you desire for mere pennies!

Wireless Charging For Mobile Device

Your device is mobile, and so shouldn’t the charger be mobile as well? The future of charging phones and tablets without cords is already here, and the market is soon expected to grow.

Current wireless chargers include sleek carrying cases that fit around your phone, just like a case, and actively charge your phone. A charging case adds about 3-4 hours onto your total battery life, and sells for around $20.

Google and LG are actively working on wireless charging technology. Apple is also rumored to have acquired a patent linked to wireless charging, meaning it’s only a matter of time before one of the big name cell phone makers releases a product that can be charged no matter where you are.

There are also whispers about cell phone demos that use the constant energy your body produces to charge your phone when you simply hold it.

Automobiles are getting in on the action too. Cadillac announced that their 2015 ATS sedan comes equipped with a Powermat that actually charges your phone by placing it on top, no wires included! (Learn More)

If Cadillac is doing it, so will many other automakers. And if cars offer wireless charging, that means we are on our way to ditching charging cords entirely.  Just think, a Powermat could be added to furniture, backpacks, even clothing!

Transparent Phone Technology

It is rumored that both Apple and Samsung have acquired patents for clear phone technology. While you might not get a clear Apple or Android phone just yet in 2015, there’s a good chance it will be here sometime in the future.

Transparent phones are nothing new actually, back in 2012 it was said that transparent phone displays would be widely available by 2013. This never happened, but a small company from Taiwan called Polytron did release a prototype phone with a transparent face.  Still, the device remained un-functional and nothing ever came of it, at least not yet.

The technology necessary to create a clear phone that works really well and has nice screen projection is far from easy to develop. But even if possible, this product type is seen as a niche product, and is not expected to take over the world by any means. Still, if Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak always intrigues you, perhaps you will someday have the chance to own a nearly invisible phone, maybe even as soon as 2015.

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E-Paper Smartwatch

2015 is sure to see the release of many new smartwatches offering added capabilities. The Smartwatch is no longer new, but it has yet to really take off. Will 2015 open more people’s eyes to the wonders of these smart devices? Many people believe smartwatch technology needs to offer a little bit more before it becomes a necessity.

Perhaps the release of Sony’s E-Paper smartwatch will help boost popularity. Instead of the usual LCD or OLED display screen, the latest Sony smartwatch relies on e-paper display, and the entire watch and band will be covered in the display screen. The watch is supposed to incorporate style as a main component, as well as smart capabilities. Interestingly, the watch comes from Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program, which grants employees the opportunity to pitch their ideas and get the venture financing necessary to make the idea a reality.

Which tech products do you plan to purchase in 2015? No matter what goes in or out of style, you can always depend on Gadget Geeks to supply you with the latest digital accessories.

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