Go Big or Go Small? The Debate Over Cell Phone Size

November 20, 2014
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Cell Phone SizeThe recent debate on cell phones has been all about size…does it really matter? Many say no. They love their iPhone 5 or their Droid Maxx. But with Apple coming out with the almost tablet sized 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note, more and more people are converting to what many call “phablets.”

So what are the drawbacks to larger phones? Or rather, the downside to regular sized smart phones. Many who decide on a normal sized smart phone can really only reason that they phablets are too big. But are they really? Here we’d like to give you the pros and cons to the giants of the smart phone world.


This is the first and main reason that people give for not wanting a bigger phone like the iPhone 6 Plus. They are bulky in the hand, especially for women, and do not easily fit into many pockets. If you are a six-foot or taller man with large jeans and big hands, you’re all set. But for many average sized people, this phone can be a bit cumbersome. Luckily most of these phones were made to accommodate everyone. You can adjust the keyboard so that it sits in a corner of the screen where you can easily reach all the keys, and each key itself is bigger. Rather than hitting keys accidently like on a regular smart phone where you are limited on screen space, your fingers have plenty of room to easily move from key to key.

Also, the pocket issue is often not really an issue at all. Most women (whose pockets would be far too small for almost any phone to fit in) carry their phone in their purse anyway, which these bigger phones usually have no problem getting into. And for men, surprisingly these phones often fit just fine. If you don’t believe us, just head on over to your local Verizon or AT&T and try for yourselves.

Battery Life

Many people think that the bigger the phone, the less battery life you have, when in fact because these phones are bigger, they  have more room for bigger and longer-lasting batteries. Most of these phones will last just as long, if not longer, than your average sized smart phone.


The bigger cell phones win in this department every time. Their screens are larger, therefore giving their user not only a larger picture, but often a higher quality one. Today we do many more things with our phones besides calling and texting. We use them for pictures, videos, movies and games. When it comes to these uses, having a bigger screen is simply a no-brainer.

In addition to higher quality and bigger pictures and video, your texts, emails, and books will also have larger letters. For many of us, this is very important. Normal phones can often have screens that are small enough that without glasses, or squinting, we can’t see what we are reading.

If you are thinking about buying a new phone, seriously consider a larger phone. If you already have a small tablet, such as the Nexis or iPad mini, then a phablet might not be the best bet for you. But if you do not, and want all the visual and texting advantages of a larger screen, check out some of the larger phones. Many of the cons that people think about are false and often just the opposite. Usability, battery life and durability are not an issue, which make these phones a great choice for many. Do your homework, and check them out. We think if you go with a phablet, you won’t be disappointed.


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