iPhone 6 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: Which Is Better?

October 28, 2014
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iPhone 6 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5iPhone 6 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Currently pondering between the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5? Many argue that Galaxy S5 is one of the only true competitors to the iPhone 6; it is the same price point and offers similar perks. But is one of these phones actually better than the other? Here we break down what you need to know before making your final decision.

Comparing The Basics—Screen, Software, Storage, Camera, and More

  • Outer Appearance & Durability
  • Apple’s iPhone 6 is made of aluminum.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is made from plastic casing.
  • Samsung’s latest Galaxy phone is resistant to dust and water, while the iPhone might break if you put it in your back pocket and take a seat on a metal bench.

High-Tech Features:

  • Both devices come with a fingerprint sensor.
  • The Samsung comes with a heart-rate sensor, and the latest iPhone does not.
  • Screen Display
  • As for display, the Galaxy S5 offers a 5.1-inch screen with 1080×1920 resolution display at 432 pixels.
  • The Apple offers a 4.7-inch (or 5.5-inch) screen, with 1,334×750 Retina HD display at 326 pixels.

So while the S5 clearly offers better picture quality, side by side the phones are both so clear and sharp it’s virtually impossible to notice the differences. This is partly because numbers alone can’t define picture quality, as Samsung and Apple use different screen technology. Apple utilizes LED-backlit IPS LCD display and Samsung uses Super AMOLED screen. Preference can really come into play here, it’s always a good idea to visit your local cell phone store to see the differences in screen clarity first-hand.


Both phones are comparable as far as overall performance is concerned, but one of these devices has a clear advantage when it comes to software, and that happens to be Samsung. By advantage, we mean that Google’s Android 4.4 Kitkat software is more high tech, but it’s not easier to use. Apple’s iOS 8 may not be as advanced of software, but the interface is as user-friendly as always. The S5, on the other hand, can get a little bit complicated, especially in the settings category where there are endless options to pick from. If you are a whiz with technology you will enjoy the added customization the S5 has to offer, but if you prefer to keep things simple the iPhone might be your better-fit companion.


The amount of memory offered for the Apple iPhone 6 includes 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers 16GB, 32GB and a microSD slot so that you can add up to 128GB of storage.

My iPhone is constantly running out of storage room, meaning I have to buy more iCloud space or delete some things off my device. Apple still does not allow you to add any memory to their devices, what you buy is what you get. In other words, the Samsung offers WAY more storage availability than even the priciest iPhone.


The Galaxy S5 comes with a 16MP camera, and the iPhone 6 has an 8MP camera. They both offer the same features such as flash, HDR mode, autofocus, and HD video recording as well. But, the Samsung gets another edge with its ability to record 4K footage.


Both phones are going to last about the same amount of time, but once again the Android device gets ahead with its battery-saving mode. This feature grants you extra hours of use time when it reaches the 10% charge remaining mark.

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Can You Still Use iTunes on Android?

Apple’s music platform has over 500 million users, making it only second to Facebook in terms of popularity. This just goes to show how many people log into iTunes to purchase their music, listen and store downloads, and stay entertained while out cruising the roads.

If you are one of the iTunes fanatics, you can still enjoy all of that the Samsung has to offer and use your iTunes account. Your iTunes music will automatically synch with your Google Play, allowing you to enjoy all of your music from iTunes on your Android phone. That doesn’t mean you still have the whole iTunes platform though, and that’s not to say kinks don’t arise when synching music, but it does make the Android transition far less painful.

Apple Vs. Android—Which One Will You Pick?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 6 are very comparable, although the Samsung does come with a few extra perks, like added storage, customization, and extended battery life. Yet, Apple still takes the cake for the user-friendliest interface. If you are currently on the Apple bandwagon it is hard to switch over to Samsung, but if you give the newest Galaxy a try you might find you like the interface and added customization options.

With similar price points and features, these phones are pretty comparable in terms of amazingness, the final decision on which phone is best for you comes down to user experience.

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