Launch of Apple Pay: What You Need To Know

October 31, 2014
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Apple PayAt last, the long buzzed about Apple Pay is finally here! You can pay with your cell phone and ditch that heavy wallet and coin purse. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are equipped to handle many of your important purchases. Simply open your phone by scanning your finger, and then hold your phone up to the Point Of Sale (POS) system at participating retailers, and poof your card number scans and your goods are paid for.

Apple Pay was launched with the help of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, that’s around 85% of the credit card market. Still wondering how Apple Pay is going to change your life? Here we detail and answer the most common questions about Apple Pay.

Where Is Apply Pay Located?

You will find Apple Pay inside of the Passbook application on your iPhone 6.

How Do I Add Credit Cards?

You will use your camera on your device to take a photo of the card you would like to enter into your Apple Pay folder. Apple will read the card number and name on its own, and will prompt you to provide the security code on back as well as the expiration date, but only one time. After that it will be as easy as scanning your fingerprint to access your card for payment. And yes, you can add more than one card to your carousel of payment methods.

Not all credit cards can be accepted, for now you can forget adding your Nordstrom or Macy’s card.

How Do You Use Apple Pay Once Your Credit Cards Are Stored?

You actually don’t even have to open an app to access the payment feature; simply being near a POS machine will wake up your phone and get Apple Pay going. By scanning one of your programmed fingers the payment method will instantly be initialized. If you have multiple cards set up on your device, you will select the card you wish to use before holding it out for the POS to scan.

Where Can You Use Apple Pay?

Apple tends to be powerful, and as expected has earned a lot of retailers under its Apple Pay belt. Disney, RadioShack, Foot Locker, Walgreens, McDonalds, Subway, and Petco are just a few of the big name stores ready and equipped to accept Apple Pay. Since newer POS models support the NFC-based touchless pay, Apple Pay will work at more locations than originally anticipated. Still, there are a number of stores, big and small, that don’t offer the technology for Apple Pay yet, but this will improve with time.

What Are The Differences Between Apple Pay and Google Wallet?

The two platforms are very similar, they both have hardcore security features, and the capacity to store more than one card, but Google Wallet does not have a finger print sensor. Instead, Google Wallet operates on a PIN number that you can share with whomever to use your phone for payment. Apple Pay requires that you use your fingerprint to log in.

Is Apple Pay Safe?

Data breaches are always possible, but Apple is totting their payment method as safer than using your regular card. Apple describes a world where credit card numbers don’t exist, after all they are far too easy to steal and use without the physical card. Basically all you need is a number. With Apple Pay, the card is read in combination with your mobile device. The retailer does not scan your actual card number but a number generated by your phone, making your information encrypted for anyone that tries to access it.

There have been some concerns that iPhones will be paying for other people’s purchases because they are too close to an NFC reader. This will not happen because it’s impossible to make a purchase without first scanning your fingerprint.

Is Apple Pay Going To Change The World?

Apple Pay isn’t as innovative as they would like you to think. NFC technology isn’t anything new; Android users have had the technology in their digital device for a while now, known as Google Wallet. Downloadable platforms, such as the Starbucks app have also been allowing you to pay for lattes via smartphone for well over a year.

Google Wallet hasn’t taken off in terms of popularity, but the experts believe the installment of Apple Pay will help make everyone more prone to using the digital payment system. According to the senior vice president at MasterCard, James Anderson says, “I think without a doubt, Apple has a unique place in the mobile ecosystem, with hardware, software and services.” He goes on to explain that Apple Pay is a sign that the company is endorsing NFC, which gives consumers the feeling that it is safe and ready to be utilized. Anderson knows a good deal about Apple Pay, he is one of the lucky few that have been able to try it out over the last few months, ahead of everyone else. He says it is very easy to use and a pleasant experience he is happy to have access to (Learn More).

So in one sense, Apple Pay could cause a large majority of mobile users to start paying with their phone. With such a large hold on the market, they have influence over a great deal of users as well as other mobile brands. If Apple Pay takes off, others will be on board trying to create better, quicker, safer platforms—so hold onto your cell phones and let loose your wallet, the way you make payments might be about to undergo a cultural shift!

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