2014 Tech Gifts

November 25, 2014
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The Holiday season is finally upon us, and so is the mad dash to get the best tech gifts for your loved ones. There are so many options, brands, sizes and prices to sort through that for many, the choices are overwhelming. But for most, tech gifts are a good idea. They’re often gender neutral, and range in price from $25 to $2500. You can almost always find an appropriate gift for anyone on your list. From phones to tablets to computers, your choices are endless.

In this article, we’d like to help you narrow down some of those options and get you started on your holiday shopping season.

Streaming TV

The two most popular TV streaming devices are definitely the Roku and the Apple TV. For many, the Roku is the best option, given the many app choices available, and USB streaming. The Apple TV is a good option if you have other Apple devices, and prefer ordering new movies through iTunes. Both cost less than $100, and are compatible with any TVs that have HDMI plugs.

Chromecast is also an option for many, and an affordable one at that. At only $35, it makes an excellent gift for your work holiday party, or even that young niece or nephew. Keep in mind that it does not come with a remote, it merely plugs into a TV and runs similar to a USB drive.

Cell Phones

Because there are so many cell phones to choose from, we’d like to compare the new Apple iPhone 6 plus, and the Galaxy Note 4. Both have monster screens with excellent picture. Many have said that their size isn’t as big as they originally thought, and given each phones’ customizable keyboards, using one hand on them is doable for most. Also, the Note has a dedicated stylus that gives it a little edge over the iPhone. Prices vary based on your carrier and contract.

Some other smaller phones to consider are the iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia 1520 and the Moto X. No matter which carrier you go with, or which brand you are loyal to, there is something out there for everyone when it comes to cell phones.

Gaming Consoles

The three main consoles for gamers are the Play Station 4, Xbox One and the Wii U. For many, the PS4 is the way to go, with more free games available than most, and updated remotes and usability. Both the PS4 and Xbox are also great for other types of entertainment, such as movies and TV, but here the Xbox wins hands down with many more streaming apps and connectivity availability. The Wii has a good deal of games for the physical gamer, but not nearly as many as the others. Both the PS4 and Xbox One come out in November, costing $399 and $499 respectively. Many reviews have said that waiting until 2015 to buy a next generation game console is the way to go, so make sure to do your research before buying. Also consider when new games are making their appearance, which for many won’t be until next year.


The two main e-readers nowadays are the Kindle and the Nook. At a bit of a steep price, the Kindle Voyage seems to beat out all the others, but its price tag is from $199-250. The Nook and Kindle Paper-White are excellent alternatives, with a much more reasonable cost of $120. The $80 basic Kindle is also a great option. Its only downfall is the lack of light, which the other 3 have. If the person receiving the gift has Amazon Prime, the Kindle is likely the way to go. With thousands of reduced priced and free e-books, it’s one of the best deals.

There are many more tech options out there for you to explore like fit watches, curved TVs, and tablets. We of course can’t go over every single one, but hopefully this gives you a smart start to your holiday shopping season and some new ideas about what to get those special people in your life.

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