The Coolest New Google Maps Features

December 8, 2014
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Using Google Maps On Apple iPad2The Coolest New Google Maps Features

Google Maps has done it again; the awesome maps platform has added even more neat features to help you get around the world without getting lost. Not only is the new platform more beautiful, with stunning 3D displays and HD photos, but it also includes newly integrated features that just might change your life. In this blog we explain the greatest changes to the new Google Maps.

What New Features Does Google Maps Offer?

The latest Google Maps includes all of the same features you have always loved, plus a number of new bonus perks. You can still save destinations, add multimedia, and share your location, but now you can also:

  • Share your map just like you would a Google Doc.
  • Change colors on your map so that certain features or areas stand out.
  • Make labels on your map to suit your needs.
  • Take locations from a spreadsheet and directly import them into maps.
  • Use layers to organize your destinations.

While you will need to upgrade to the latest Maps in order to access all of the cool new features, once you have upgraded you still have access to everything you created in your original My Maps.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the latest and greatest features offered by Google Maps.

Go On A New Adventure…. Without Getting Lost

Google Maps now includes a ‘explore’ feature, which allows you to take on a new adventure by simply clicking the appropriate button. As a result, you will be offered a list of new places near you to try.

Even if you don’t ask for an adventure, the latest app may try and offer you one. When you search for a specific location, similar results in the area will also appear so that you know your options, all of them. If one of the suggested locations sparks your interest you can click it to find out reviews and cost comparisons.

Create a Foolproof Trip Plan

If you are traveling cross-country you can plan a super fun vacation using Google Maps. Start your trip plan by picking your first destination and then clicking the + sign located near the search bar; from here you can continue to explore and add new places to your travel agenda. Using your specified destinations, Google will create the most time efficient route to tour a whole city. Change your mind along the way? No problem! Selected destinations can easily be changed around or dropped completely.

Make Hassle Free Restaurant Reservations

Tired of flipping between different apps on your phone in order to accomplish the same task? Finding a place to eat doesn’t have to entail looking on Google, then going to the Open Table app to make your reservation. With the latest update you can make your reservations directly in the Maps app thanks to the integration of Open Table.

Catch A Quick Ride Using Uber

For a while now Google Maps has allowed users to compare the costs and travel times associated with taxis, subways and bus systems, but there is a new way to catch a ride, Uber is now included in the latest Google Maps update, which allows you to see how long you have to wait for an Uber ride and how much it will cost you to get from point A to point B.

Be Weather Wise

The latest Google Maps also comes with updates on the weather, wherever you might be traveling. Depending on how far you are traveling this could help you bring along just the right amount of layers to stay comfortable throughout your journey.

Take A Peek At Real Time Traffic

Google Maps now calculates how long it is going to take you to reach a destination via walking, cycling, or driving based on real-time traffic. Say hello to never being late again, well… maybe!

The Future Of Google Maps

Who needs friends when you have the power of Google Maps working for you? Okay, so you may still want friends, but they don’t have to be good with directions or know all of the greatest restaurants in town. Google Maps app can handle it all for you.

The overall goal with Google Maps is to create a platform that can help you achieve whatever you need depending on where you are located. In the future we can only expect more incredible things from this awesome platform.

My Maps Vs. My Maps Pro

My Maps is Google’s free map program created for personal use. My Maps Pro cost money and comes with added capabilities that are created to serve organizations, businesses, and individuals with more maps-related needs than the average person. So what upgrades are offered by My Maps Pro?

My Maps Pro comes with:

  • Larger maps that contain more details, and allow you to add 10 layers (2,000 addresses per layer), import spreadsheets and CSV files, and help businesses better analyze critical data.
  • An added 25,000 views of public maps embedded to your site per day to help make sure your business and maps scale well together.
  • Manage remote resources with real time access to view where team members are, and what specific jobs they are working on.
  • Businesses may benefit greatly from the added perks provided by My Maps Pro, but for the everyday individual My Maps is packed with plenty of awesome tools without the need to pay a dime.
  • Do you love to geek out over technology? Plug Gadget Geeks into Google Maps and give us a visit, we guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

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