The Latest In Wearable Technology

October 23, 2014
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Wearable TechnologyWearable Technology

Wearable technology can be worn on your body and has the capability to connect to your smartphone. Want to see your latest missed call but don’t want to dig through your bag in search of your phone, simply glance at your Smartwatch! While wearable technology sounds really cool, how many people do you actually know wearing Google Glasses or a Smartwatch? Wearable technology is still in its infancy, and while it isn’t perfect just yet, it sure has a lot to offer. In this blog we explain everything you want to know about the latest in wearable technology, today and into the future.

Google Glasses—Are They As Cool As They Look?

Google Glasses are a hot topic in the world of wearable technology, and have been for quite some time, although I have yet to see someone out on the streets wearing a pair. Maybe that has something to do with their fairly high price tag, it will cost you well above $1,500 to snag a pair. Even with such a high price point there are still some quirks with the Smartglasses. For instance, if you plan to use your Google Glasses to record video footage, they only have a brief 30-minute battery life before lights out. But not everyone is complaining, according to online reviews plenty of people have forked over the money for this new technology and really love it. Clearly, Google is onto something with their glasses, and we can only guess where the future of Google Glasses will lead.

The Smartwatch—Which Watch Is The Smartest?

The most popular wearable technology as of now is arguably the Smartwatch. Unlike Google Glasses, there are many different types of Smartwatches to purchase, from Android-based watches to Apple’s latest iWatch. The iWatch in particular is very fashion-centered with Burberry’s ex designer on board and a long page of stylish options to choose from.

According to online reviews the Smartwatch with the highest overall costumer rating is the Samsung Gear 2, offered for sale on average for around $300. This watch synchs with your phone, allowing you to check your calls, and other notifications by simply glancing down at your wrist. This watch has built-in fitness perks too, such as a heart-rate monitor and a pedometer to track how much you walk each day.

The SNEER iWatch is waterproof and rather glamorous, although its reviews are slightly less favorable than the Samsung and its price tag is just about the same. It offers a lot of features, including synching with your phone, tuning into the radio, and accessing Bluetooth. BUT perhaps the biggest complaint is that it comes with no accessibility to apps, making the name ‘Smartwatch’ a bit misleading. Basically this watch is a fitness tracker with a few additional features. And while it does offer camera capabilities, it’s a little hard to take anything more than a selfie with your camera strapped to the front-side of your wrist. Plus, you’ll have to transport this image to your phone before you are able to upload it to social media sites since the watch doesn’t let you download apps.

The Vigo Energy Guide

This device doesn’t promise all that the Smartwatch and Google Glasses do in terms of cell phone accessibility, but it is awesome enough to share. The Vigo Energy Guide is literally an energy analyst for your body. It connects through an app on your phone and is worn like a Bluetooth headset.

The sleek device then tracks a number of things, like how often you blink to help determine when your study session needs to take a break, and when you are working at peak performance. Plus, if you need some help getting back on focus, the device will send out pulses to you in order to keep you on point. Your energy and concentration levels are then recorded through the app on your smartphone, giving you insider information on your own study habits. Perfect for the dedicated college student!

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The Future Of Wearable Technology

We are still at the very early stages of wearable technology, but the future promises some pretty incredible stuff. CNN describes wearable technology that will actually be able to calm you down by sending magnetic pulses to your brain through a headset you strap on. Thync is the latest startup company currently working on this technology as we speak. It is still unknown how effective or how expensive these devices will be (Read More).

You have likely never heard of the company Magic Leap, but they have managed to raise millions of dollars from some of the most influential names in the tech industry all while keeping things rather hush hush. Their product has not yet been described in full detail, but we know that their goal is to take away the need for screens and monitors all together. This means they are creating some type of wearable tech that projects 3D images through the iris of your eye, producing crystal clear images without any screen at all. Of course, this level of technology is far from ready for the public and it could be years before we see anything like this available for purchase. Still, it’s rather fun to think about… oh where the world of technology will lead us next!

We still are not there yet, to a place where wearable technology is a must have. Right now the perks that your cell phone provides are enough to keep most people fully satisfied. Still, it’s only a matter of time before the latest wearable technology steps its game up and flips the mobile world upside down. Stay tuned until then…

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