When Will The New Emojis Come Out?

November 11, 2014
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When Will The New Emojis Come Out?Emojis make texting even easier, instead of conveying your emotions with words you can simply send over an emoji. Certain emojis are only used around the holidays, while others represent daily life. Even though you can download a world of unique emojis, there remains one pressing issue. Have you noticed none of the emojis really look like you? As far as diversity is concerned, the emoji world doesn’t contain much of it.

About a year ago Fast Company produced an article that asked a rather racy question: are emojis racist? The question was spot on, because seriously where is the emoji diversity? Take a look at the current array of emojis you have available to use and you will find most of them look the same, white, or rather a sunny shade of yellow. Considering we live in an incredibly diverse world, many people are left wondering where are the emojis that better represent what they look like? Thanks to the attention Fast Company’s article received, The Unicode Consortium (the company that created emojis) is busy addressing the issue, currently working to add more diversity to their text-happy characters.

The History And Evolution Of Emoji Texts

The first emojis were used in Japan, and it wasn’t until 2010 that emojis made it into American text messages. The expansion of emojis left a lot to be desired, as a much larger group of different cultures began downloading and installing the apps. In 2012, Apple reacted to this need by updating their emoji collections to include a gay and lesbian couple. Still, they forgot to add a black emoji, among almost all other races.

Famous names have contributed to the backlash on emoji diversity, including Miley Cyrus and Tahj Mowry. When Joey Parker, a blogger for MTV, addressed Apple directly on the matter they responded saying that they have been, “working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update the standard.”

New Skin Tones Draft For Emojis

A draft proposal has now been drawn up and includes the different skin tone ranges set to be included in future emoji characters. The selected skin colors are based on the Fitzpatrick scale, a dermatology standard which includes all different ranges of skin tones. Emojis will soon come in darker brown, black, and lighter cream-colored tones too.

In order to keep the emoji app from being an endless roll of the same emojis in different colors, you will pick the emoji you want to use and then apply the appropriate color-swatch using a certain code. These new color codes will modify current emoji codes so that they appear in specified shades. The only drawback is that if you are sending an emoji that features more than one character, all characters will be given the same coloring. Meaning you can’t make one character brown and the other black, at least not yet.

When Will The More Diverse Emojis Be Available For Download?

The implementation of more diverse emojis remains a “work in progress” that will not be fully revealed until its actual release date. When can you expect to access emojis that actually look like you, at least a little bit? Unicode 8.0 is expected for release around the middle of next year, 2015. As of right now the program is not even guaranteed endorsement, and the proposed drafts may change at anytime before the release.

Every platform, Apple, Android, Blackberry, etc., must have the new emojis codded to fit their specific software. In other words, you cannot rely on the same emoji code for all software. This makes things a bit more difficult, and is a big part of the reason it takes so long for new emojis to reach your device.

Clearly, the want for more diverse emojis exist which means without a doubt we are going to get it, but how soon and how diverse is still yet to be seen (Learn More).

Where To Get New Emojis

You won’t be able to share the newest emojis more appropriately matched to your skin tone tomorrow, or next month either. As mentioned above, the latest changes are not even expected until mid-2015. Until then we are all stuck pretending to be the color of the sun.

The latest version, Emoji Keyboard 2 is available for download, and includes a levitating boss, a chili pepper, and a spider, among other new characters. While the newest emojis give you more options, the human diversity is clearly not there yet.

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